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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

fuego6 wrote:

 Despite promises of a new, fully featured version "just around the corner", I see that IDImager is still at v3.6, the one I gave up on in July 2010. I know IMatch is very much a one man show, but over 2 years is a ridiculous length of time for an update. With the demise of IDImager I may go back and look at IMatch when the new version is released.

My requirements, as an amateur, are quite simple. Once I've downloaded my images, I add my name and copyright information, Image Title and description and keywords.
Having done that, and saved the information, all I want to do is search using keywords for specific images, for example "river thames, bridges, night" to find all the pictures I have of bridges over the river Thames taken at night. Surely this is not a lot to ask for, and something I find IDImager does quite well.
One thing I do not want is the need to generate "user scripts." I'm not a computer programmer and I don't want to have to write my own program in order to do something that should be an integral part of the program in the first place.

Idimager is actually discontinued.. but is up to version 5.1 and is LIGHT YEARS better than what you were/are using in v3.6.  You should check out Idimager Supreme... it is much more basic compared to what you can do in 5.1 - but, the UI has been refreshed, the speed is amazing and all the general functionality that you need (based on your description above) is in place.

Although I agree that basic functionality is important, to me, the ability to further leverage the program via scripts is a huge addition... especially when it comes to metadata manipulation and GPS data usage.

Good luck!

Sorry, I was mixing up my IDImager and IMatch versions previously. I meant that IMatch was still at the 3.6 edition that I gave up over two years ago.

If you read my earlier post you would see that I am using, and I am quite happy with, IDImager, which I switched to after using IMatch.
I am happy to continue using IDImager at it's current version (v5.3.1.6) although I've noticed a problem with some of the thumbnail displays recently.
I downloaded a trial of Photo Supreme and I don't find it as easy to use for what I need than IDI. To make things even more annoying, my "30 day evaluation trial" of Photo Supreme has stopped working with a time expired message after just 15 days.

I've been looking at most of the alternatives´╗┐ and although Photo Mechanic looks attractive, I can not justify the cost of purchase.
So far, the one that is looking most suitable for my needs is Zoner Photo Studio 14, which just happens to be a free program.

As has been discussed previously, it seems that DAM programs are a very personal thing´╗┐, and what suits me does not necessarily suit the next person. This is echoed in the number of different DAM programs that are available, most of which seem to take a different approach to image management.
As I said above my requirements are quite simple. Once I've downloaded my images, I add my name and copyright information, Image Title and description and keywords. Having done that, and saved the information, all I want to do is search using keywords for specific images.

So basically, a simple IPTC editor allowing the addition of Title, description, copyright information and keywords, plus the abilty to search based on those keywords is really all I'm looking for.

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