Zuiko 12-60 four thirds lens for OM-D?

Started Sep 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: For sure.

I have both.

You can get very good results with the 12-50, especially if you focus it manually but you can't expect 12-60 insistent sharpness and contrast out of it. I bought the MMF-3 converter so I can take the OM-D and the 12-60 out in the rain and that is my default walk around. The 12-60 really takes advantage of the OM-D's better sensor and  with the 1.5 software upgrade, it focusses faster and with less jitter than before, though still nowhere near the lightning speed you will get from MFT lenses, which are, if anything a bit too quick and silent. The X10 I have has a green focus LED on the back and I'd like one or even a beep to confirm focus has been found when there has been no apparent response to a half press of the shutter.

I think the biggest letdown in the 12-50 design is its size. It's not quite small enough to turn the OM-D into a pocket POS and if you already own the 12-60, that's can do all you'll want the 12-50 for and do it better as pocket ultra-sharp primes do the portability.

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