Opinion Poll: Weekly Olympus DSLR Only thread

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This is not a forum for dSLR anymore

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

I would like the changing of the thread to "Weekly 4/3 DSLR only"

Or perhaps better may be "Weekly 4/3 mount only", what if the E-5 successor has a 4/3 mount but no mirror ?

Some will never realise their ridicule. This is not a forum for dSLR anymore , I am surprised at dPR's decision, but it's like this. Do they have insider information about a coming mirrorless 4/3?

Moreover one Oly manager said not long ago that the E-5 successor would be smaller. There's then the possibility of a m4/3 camera, compatible with 4/3 lenses.

The second source of ridicule is that a a m4/3 camera is to all effects a 4/3 camera - same distinctive format. It just has a shorter register, but that means that 4/3 lenses can be adapted to it.

I use two 4/3 zooms on a m4/3 body and yet I would be prevented to post here? Who is making the law nowadays, a mere lynching crowd?

If I do no post here it's because of the intolerance of some members here, and their apartheid politics.

It would be a nice counterpoint if the last of the dSLR was already behind them.

Say it again:

This is not a dSLR forum anymore


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