3880 printing only part of the picture

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Re: 3880 printing only part of the picture

It could be that the paper is not feeding perfectly square. Before the printer starts printing it measures the width of the paper - you can see the head move across the full width and back again. If the edge of the paper is slightly skewed or not cut square, the printer can "miss" the left edge and underestimate the width of the paper. When it prints it will only print to where it thinks the left edge is, so you get a sharp cut-off. In my experience it doesn't necessarily tell you when it thinks the paper is the wrong width - it just cuts off the left side of the image.

I always feed the paper manually before I press the Print button and check visually that the paper is nice and square. However, you can prevent this problem by disabling the automatic paper size check. It's done through the printer control panel MENU>PRINTER SETUP>PAPER SIZE CHECK>OFF

Naturally, if you do that you need to be careful about loading the correct paper size......

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