Does your NEX-F3 overheat during video?

Started Oct 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Fadhil Parewangi
Fadhil Parewangi New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Does your NEX-F3 overheat during video?

CosmoZooo wrote:

Richard66 wrote:

I did a 30 minute video test on my F3 when I heard about the other Nex models overheating. No overheating warnings appeared but I can't remember if I opened the LCD or not.

Thanks Richard. This is good. Any other NEX-F3 owners lurking around or does NEX-F3 get no love

I think overheat influenced by environment temp. I did capture footage under sun exposed (outdoor) for 10 minutes when overheated notification appear. altough I test it again for long duration (29:50) at room temperature 27 c without overheat notification.

this is the test ;

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