Romney up 51 to 45

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Re: Romney up 51 to 45

Princess Leia wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

"According to the latest poll, Romney leads Obama among likely voters, 51 to 45 percent. This is Romney's biggest lead since Gallup began tracking likely voters earlier in Oct."

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It is 52-45 now...

LOL. That is only because the Southern States are voting overwhelmingly for Romney. So that poll  matters little because it does not improve Romney's electoral position; you get the same electoral votes if you win by one vote or get 100% of the votes.

Only the polls in the swing states matter at this point. Obama is leading substantially in Ohio and marginally in PA. If Obama wins Ohio, there is little chance for Romney to get 270. So given the polls in the key swing states, Obama now has a easier path to 270 than does Romney.

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