Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

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Re: Did I get ripped off based on mileage?

I love the D700 it was the best camera for a long time.   But I wish Nikon introduces a D700 w/ 23 megapixels, better low light sensitivity and with a shutter as quiet as the MK3.  The 800 is too slow and too big.  The d600 is a toy as it is too small for my hands.  The d4 is too big and only an incremental upgrade in megapixel compared to my D3s.

My biggest problem with the D700(and other Nikons) is the loud shutter.  The MK3 shutter is like a leica shutter especially in the quiet mode.  Wish they made it as quiet as the Q mode on the D7000.

I'm had the D700 since 2008 and only wish it had more megapixel as editors want freedom to crop or make horizontal into vertical etc.

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