Black Body X-E1 $899 at Best Buy

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Re: Black Body X-E1 $899 at Best Buy

caver3d wrote:

awelch100 wrote:

I'm thinking that the black X-E1 will be the most popular option but that there is a higher than expected demand for the silver body and not enough inventory.

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The same thing happened with the Olympus OM-D E-M5.  Oly was surprised that there was such a high demand for the silver version. Plus, there was such a high demand anyway for the camera (black or silver).  It was nearly 50:50 between customers that wanted the black vs. the silver body.  Still took me 3 months from the day I pre-ordered to get the black body, and even harder to get the silver.  But worth the wait.

As for Fuji, I have the X100 (and v. 1.3) and am delighted with it (along with my E-M5).  But the X-E1 does look attractive.


So you're saying that the demand for both "colours" was actually the same, but since Oly made more of the black cameras, there was always a greater shortage of the silver models, and therefore, a longer wait?

That seems very plausible, but I thought that most customers really wanted the silver version, but the sales of the black was the same, or nearly the same, as the sales of the silver version because the black was available for customers to purchase, while the silver version wasn't.  That may have driven people to buy the black version due to their own impatience!

I believe the silver version is prettier, but I'd always choose the black version because it's more discreet.  I doubt most customers ever consider the practical benefits of an all-black camera, so many of them just choose the prettier camera.  DSLRs have been mostly been black bricks, so getting silver is a nice change for many DSLR owners.

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