100 macro, L or non L?

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Re: 100 macro, L or non L?

Hank3152 wrote:

Hi Lee,

I felt that the newer L has a much faster AF and the optics provide better color and contrast. Some may not think the price difference is worth it but that would depend on your criteria......for me it was.

Here are more owner's reviews, many of which are from prior v.1 non-L users........

I'll second everything Hank said...I started comparing the L and non-L earlier this year and decided the only way to know for sure was to try both.  My local camera store let me borrow both for a few hours to try them in various situations.  It only took 10-20 minutes to know the L was worth the extra money.  Same reasons Hank pointed out - very fast AF, better color rendition, better contrast and the IS allows handheld shots that are just not possible with the non-L version.  I also looked at used prices and the L version holds its value quite a bit better than the non-L version.

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