Nikon 24-85 vs 24-120

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Re: Nikon 24-85 vs 24-120

darkhorseSG wrote:


I recently bought D600 and thinking of getting a walk-around lens (for street, portrait).

24-85 is variable aperture but it varies only from 4-0.5 to 4+0.5. 24-120 is constant 4. 24-85 is actually faster at wide end. If I were to forego the extra range of 24-120, is 24-85 a better value? Or rather, are both these lenses similar optically in their shared range?



I tested two copies of the 24-85 against my 24-120/4. I found the 24-85 to be slightly sharper in the center, but the 24-120 has better edges/corners. The 24-120 of course has the extra reach, but that's also where it's at its weakest.

I wasn't too impressed by the 24-85 and decided to keep the 24-120/4. Is it worth $700 more? Maybe not. For your intended use (street & portrait), I would go with the 24-85.

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