Romney up 51 to 45

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ljfinger wrote:

And Obama is leading in the swing states, hence if the election were held today and everything fell the way they are today, he'd win 294 to 244.  Romney, being the sniveling little yes man that he is, has an electoral college problem, just like Gore did.

That's an interesting video.

I recently overheard a conversation in which a guy was defending Romney for his wild swings in stance based on the idea that he was support the right stance at the right time (in MA) for the policies (abortion, healthcare) in question. Then, in virtually the same breath: how dare Obama modulate his stance on gay marriage; clearly that's pure posturing; surely you make your mind up about such things as a young adult.  So I heard an excuse for realpolitik when Romney did it, followed swiftly by condemnation of even the scent of Obama doing it.  Within a minute. Without any sense of irony.

This is the power of rationalization.  This is the power of a libertarian-leaning gay rights supporter tying himself into a knot to stay with team GOP.

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