Would you buy a 300 Equivalent?

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Re: Would you buy a 300 Equivalent?

torags wrote:

A switchable mirrorless EVF with 100% view (or selectable crop view), 8-12 fps, 18-24mp, high write speed, all the egos and similar controls of the 300, HD vid, in a pro body capable of handling big glass; would be equivalent (or better) to a 300.

The difference is it wouldn't be a DSLR.

So, would you buy that equivalent camera?

There may not be a D400 in the traditional sense, but it may be no great loss if this cam is available

Not if it wasn't a DSLR - EVFs are not yet ready to replace OVFs for all purposes.

But if it had an EVF as well as a mirror, that would be different. In other words, if the EVF was there to make Live View more useable, switched on only when the user selected Live View, raising the mirror (and put their eye to the VF), and if it was made more useable by adding PDAF from the sensor when in Live View, I could go for that.

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