Leica M8 first few days (and questions)

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Leica M8 first few days (and questions)

Hello all. I recently posted in this forum about my desire to try Leicas and rangefinder focussing. I had been shooting manual focus lenses on a NEX before. I ended up buying a used M8 with the intention of trying it for awhile (mainly black and white) and either keeping it, reselling it and staying with the NEX or reselling it and moving up to an M9 or M (if I loved it).

So far it has been an interesting experience (which I will go in to in another post) but for now I wanted to post a few shots from the first couple days with the M8 and ask for some help.


Although focussing and framing have been difficult for me I have had a few shots I don't hate:

C&C welcome of course!


1) I am pretty sure my camera is off just slightly with vertical alignment. When I focus on a sign for example I can focus accurately but I am left with a little "blur" in the viewfinder. It seems that the overlapping image is just slightly lower. I brought it to Nippon camera in NY to see what they thought and how much it would cost to adjust. He said that if my pictures were coming out ok he would leave it as is as because it is difficult to adjust vertical alignment and adjusting might make things "worse". He said horizontal alignment (which he tested) through infinity focus seemed close to spot on.

Since I have never used a rangefinder before I am wondering if it is normal to have a "crystal clear" image when in focus. The vertical shift makes it harder for me to focus on faces for example because I have to focus on horizontal alignment predominantly. I guess I just want to know what achieving perfect focus looks like for others.

2) I think I am screwed on this next issue. The camera came with a 1.25 magnifier attached and an eyecup attached to that. I could initially remove the eyecup and magnifier together but I wanted to take the eyecup off. To do this I tightened the magnifier tightly to the body and was then able to get the eyecup off... unfortunately now the magnifier can't come off the body! The guy at Nippon tried to unscrew it using a piece of rubber for grip but no dice. I would use the magnifier most of the time but this is less than ideal... especially if I want to sell the M8 and use wide angle lenses.

Any thoughts on either of this issues would be helpful.

Also, thanks for some of the great images posted here!


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