These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

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Re: These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

Simon Joinson wrote:

Osiris30 wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

... even if if I am typing in a another internet location entirely, say, YouTube.

I now detest this place. I hate what it looks like with a vengeance, and I'm completely fed up with waiting for it to start working properly.

I'll probably check in from time to time, to see if things ever get mended, but the days of me being a "forum pro" are now over. As things are at present, responding here is too much like hard work, and no fun.

Goodbye, all. Sorry to go.

"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no /ORDINARY/ time travellers!"

The problem is IE8. Think about it - which is more likely - that DPR can somehow make youtube unstable or that the problem is an old, problematic browser that is increasingly unstable on modern websites? When you start getting problems with more and more sites will it also be our fault?

That all said, we are aware of the issue using the editor and are working on coding around the problems IE8 produces, including a plain text editor (like you used to have). If you don't like chrome, why not just upgrade to IE9?

Note that for those of us using modern browsers the site 'works properly' already.



As a software guy for years and years and years let me explain something to you.  Some people don't have control over what software is installed on their machines.  There are many organizations with standard profiles that have old browsers *specifically* for compatibility reasons.

It's fine if you want to make the statement you don't intend to support older platforms, that's your choice.  (Note: I recognize you've said you're working on the IE8 issues)  With that said, the "Note" portion of your comment comes across as snide and frankly doesn't give off the feeling of someone who cares about their reader base.  As "Editor-in-chief", I would expect a slightly different approach in the response.

I've been on DPR for a while (not as long as some of the other posters on this thread) and have contributed where I can, when I can.  However, the combative attitude of the forums is getting out of hand, and comments like yours, whether intentional or not, are a *perfect* example of what's wrong with this place.

I would put to you, the single biggest problem in the forums ain't the software.  Finally I just want to point something out;  IE8 has a bigger market share than IE9 or chrome.  In fact it's the single most popular browser in the world today.  To launch a new product that is incompatible with the biggest chunk of available users is just silly and isn't something that any *should* try and defend.


Steve, there was no intention to be snidey, and after posting 100's of polite responses to often incredibly rude, offensive and at times libelous posts, and pushing my engineering team to respond rapidly to issues, I would hope that at least some of you would realize I don't want to fight over this.

All i wanted to point out was the site not 'working properly' (in the context of this crashing bug in the editor) wasn't true for the majority of our users.

For us, IE8 is still undoubtedly popular (in the last 30 days it was no 5), but it cannot be described as representing the biggest chunk of our users by any measure:

% of visits Sept 15 - Oct 14 2012

  1. Safari: 28.03%
  2. Chrome: 24.31%
  3. Firefox: 21.97%
  4. IE 9: 10.1%

A year ago IE 8 was - still half the share of Firefox and lower than Safari.

I would also note that even Google is planning to end support for IE8 this year. We are trying to maintain support for IE8 (as mentioned)


Thanks for the reply.  I was only pointing out how the response read to me.  I can *certainly* appreciate being on the receiving end of an unhappy (whether deserved or not) user base.  Many moons ago I was responsible for a few hundred thousand users (which was a lot of users online back in 2000).  So I can appreciate the feelings (hence why I wanted to point it out, since we can all sometimes use a gentle check and balance moment )

It's interesting the difference for DPR from published wider usage numbers, but having Safari #1 means you're including your mobile hits, which I doubt are content generating (i.e. I don't think a lot of people post from mobile devices, for obvious reasons), hence while that may be site usage, I strongly doubt it's forum usage.

As a *total* aside, I have no skin in this game.  I use Chrome


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