FZ200 video experience and settings used

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Re: FZ200 video experience and settings used

alanmcdonley wrote:

newkindofsick wrote:

so say I get adobe premier or something like that(I would love final cut pro but don't have a mac) would I be able to edit avhd clips into a movie?

There are several packages that are frugal with processor and memory on the PC - Pinnacle Studio Ultimate was the most featured and fastest non-linear-editor (NLE) when I compared Vegas, PowerDirector, Microsoft Movie Maker, and Pinnacle Studio some years ago.  Pinnacle Studio also has integrated SmartSound music track generator, and integrated blu-ray burning.

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 imports 1080p, edits AVCHD directly (without intermediate transcoding), has integrated blu-ray burning, and is almost as easy to use as Pinnacle Studio.  APE11 comes with SonicFire external but still very usable.  Adobe annual updates cost more than the Studio updates but you don't have to worry about that for a year.

They all have 30 day free trial.  The APE11 puts a watermark band across the video which makes it harder to compare quality between editors, but I just finished some tests with it on Mac and am planning to go with it since Pinnacle Studio is not available for Mac.

There are several under $100 choices on Windows PCs now that will import 1080p60.  Take a few weeks to decide.  Shoot a variety of clips for a short test video (in 1080p60 or 1080i and 720p120, leave the clips on a camera card to import into each package and try putting the clips together with trims, titles, clip sounds and ducking, narration, music.  Try exporting to several target formats (blu-ray with a menu and chapters, standard DVD with a menu and chapters, YouTube recommended, and Vimeo recommended are my standard test exports.  Perhaps you'll want to add a mobile phone quality export).  Choosing which editor is best for you is tough, but you don't want to invest in a package that is not going to be right for you in the end.

How do you like APE11 so far? What other programs have you used? Do you know if it has an anti-shake filter?

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