D600 v's D3x

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Re: Canon still don't even come close....

van Ark wrote:

PatFahey wrote:

Zvonko wrote:

sorry, my point is that the D3x is 9K...why?

Because in the right hands it is capable of producing better IQ than any DSLR ever made.


So can the D600
I think I understand the OP.
The D3X should fall in price - arguing that its a pro body - is valid.
But you shouldnt pay that much extra for a pro body.. A D3 is of the same build, and a lot cheaper.
And the Sensor in the D3X isnt that unique any longer.
Best Regards.

The D3X still makes everything Canon currently have for sale bar the 1DX look like amateur night so I think it's still very much relevant.

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