What is the logic of different card slots?

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Re: What is the logic of different card slots?

I think today the pros tend to use CF cards as they have superior performance to the SD cards, so part of Nikon's Pro camera formula is the CF card slot.  SD cards are smaller and less expensive. This preference may change in the near future, but today the CF cards are the commonly available and supported performance stars.

A typical ultra-high performance SD card is 30MB/Sec, although they do have 45MB/SEC cards now...  compared to high performance CF card which is easily 2-3X faster 90MB/Sec. Camera performance peaks out on the D300 or D700 at around 60MB/SEC in my experience, but data transfer rates are a secondary benefit for the fast cards... there are small card readers for CF which are USB 3.0 so that downloads are significantly faster.

Some people have thousands $ invested in fast CF cards.

The SD cards also may work as a Wifi transmitter, so the CF/SD combo is preferred by professionals with a high frame rate requirement.

The CF card drawback is the size of the card, and it's influence on camera size as mentioned, and also the connection to the camera is more fragile.

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