D600 v's D3x

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Re: D600 v's D3x

Zvonko wrote:

Karld70 wrote:

Zvonko wrote:

it's fine Dave, no issue in any regard but I feel my point is valid.

I've considered the D3s and D4 recently but even those cameras are around 5-6K give or take a few bucks.

With the D800 and the D600 out I just think it's a little rude of Nikon to make the difference in price so large. The D3x hasn't come down in any way price wise. I just think it should.

I'm talking about 7K. I can't beleive no-one can see it.

you mention a D800 now, that is a little different, that is a least approaching the D3x as far as capability.  Before you were talking about the D600 and D3x only.

I still don't see your point.  You are asking why would anyone buy a D3x over a D600.  The simple answer (and I will not go into a long laundry list of differences)

D600= least expensive with least feature set FX model

D3x = true full size pro camera with all of the features.

It's not about the sensor, it's the whole camera.  It's like asking why would anyone buy a D300s over a D3100.

sorry, my point is that the D3x is 9K...why?

It's Nikon's only true high res /full pro body/.  It's still not dated after 4 years.  Why would the price drop if it is still selling well?  I guess not everyone thinks the D600 is just as good as you feel

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