Is this the dreaded watercolor issue?

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Re: Is this the dreaded watercolor issue?

abelits wrote:

andyjayscott wrote:

I'm not cheerleading, I'm laughing at your expense.

If you do, your sense of humor really, really sucks. Chris could pull off an actual joke by posting an image from Fuji camera (as "watercolor" issue can be easily avoided by using Fuji version of Silkypix), instead of this bait-and-switch "discussion" around a photo that is good and interesting in its own right.

But that's Chris, he has an excuse of being a photographer who posts great photos (though I personally think, oversaturated look is overdone artistically and does not showcase the camera quality). You, on the other hand, have no excuse for cheerleading and brownnosing for him, or attacking me for not being able to discern the exact reason for unrealistic look of his picture.

I'm neither cheerleading nor brown nosing for someone and nor did I attack you. Well, not until you implied my brain was missing.

Thanks for the latest insult, though! I'll be sure to keep it in the bin along with the others.

Quite a few now, isn't it?

OP says the original pic was taken with a Fuji.

OP is derisive.

I have no brain for pointing out the above errors in your post.

I'm a cheerleader.

I now have human fecal matter on my nose.

You're just all about the lurve, aintcha!

On a serious note I think you should probably apologise to OP for implying he lied about the camera used.

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