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Re: That is a bug, not a "trick"

Victor Engel wrote:

This seems like an odd feature to be a bug - accidental feature, particularly if images hosted elsewhere are retained. You'd have to go to some effort to copy the image, where simply linking to it would be the normal practice.

victor, you're exactly right.

they moved to an immutable paradigm without telling their users.

simon's now spinning it as a 'batch' process that is periodically updated, which of course makes no sense.  then again, so much of their current approach suffers this ill.  we are watching the expression 'too clever by half' played out again and again, in real time.

before it was a 'bug'.  now it's a process that's not running as often as a few 'conspiracy theorists' would like.  (incredible that their staff uses such language to describe customers on a public forum).

you know the number of open standards that are designed to permit linking of content from one location to another, without a copy having to exist in both places?  it boggles the mind what they've done here.  and here dpreview decided to take away from its users control over when to withdraw content.

you get the feeling everything needs a spin, they are simply incapable of admitting error or apologizing to their users.

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