iPad3 VS Calibrated Macbook screen

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Re: iPad3 VS Calibrated Macbook screen

I'm not sure why, given your workflow, the iPad matters.  I do a lot of editing on my iPad 3 as I travel an easy 3-4 months each year. I like to travel light and spend time with family and friends, not processing raw files. The jpegs I get out of my Fuji are plenty good enough. I also don't particularly care for a lot of pop.

However if there's little pop on the iPad, the images can look pretty dreary on our Air or iMac displays. Same with a host of other, non calibrated displays. The iPad is a poor proxy for a normal display let alone a calibrated one.  I would not be concerned aboidifferent different.

The question of whether it's right or not is irrelevant. What right is whatever display you've bothered calibrating. Any other will be different. The iPad will be more different. Lovely though, isn't it.

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