From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

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Re: From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

loph wrote:

So after spending a year with the NEX-5N and falling in love with it, I traded it in for the 5R, expecting better control and improved focus...I have it for 20 minutes and what a big disappointment.

Setting the camera took 2 minutes as it's almost identical to the 5N.

Now here is my thoughts:

The major diffrences between the two are:

1.Wifi capability of the 5R:This is very minor thing for me but it's useless...The application is sluggish and most of the time does not work...Will never use it.

2.Contrast/phase auto focus that Sony claims to improve auto focus...I did not do scientific test ,but I did not appreciate any improvement in focus speed..And again I loved the 5N and I know it by heart..

Actually the focus mechanism control in the 5N is way much better:you can choose the auto focus area as multi so the camera will operate the face detection, and if you want to focus on a point you just tap the screen and you now have flexi spot focus mode..This is not possible in the 5R...If you choose  multi focus you can not tap on the screen to choose point focus unless you activate the shutter...More negatives to come:)

3.Control...What a joke from sony:they added an Fn button and another control wheel.....This thing shocked me....Don't expect the NEX-7 functionality.....The two wheels of the NEX-5R are identical in function and you CAN NOT assign any function of your choice to any of them.

The Fn function in the 5R  works exactly as the central button of the 5N when you assign it to be multi function button...EXACTLY..... and the upper wheel has identical function even in this mode to the lower wheel....Worse you can not assign different functions to the rest of the buttons in the 5R as in the 5N...come on sony....

Actually the control of the 5N, if not the same as the 5R,is better.

Finally:image quality...No comment for now but mostly will be the same.

So here is an advice and I might be wrong:if you think that 5R is an upgrade to 5N.....It's not...IT DOES NOT ADD A SINGLE ADVANTAGE TO THE 5N.

If you between the 5N and the 5R...Safe yourself the extra hundreds and go for the 5N...What extra money you are paying,you are giving them a charity to Sony,and this what happened to me.

This is not a 5R review..It's a great camera..This is a comparison between the 5N and 5R,and then it's a silly camera from Sony.

Thank you.  I think you just sold me a 5n.

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