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Re: Great Photos...Question for You.

steve88 wrote:

First off, I love the shots...great work!  I have a question about some of your camera settings, though.  Several of your landscape shots are at f/7.1 and one is even at f/4.  Isn't it customary to shoot landscapes at a smaller aperture...say f/18 or so to get everything as sharp as possible?

I only ask this because I'm trying to do more landscape photography in the future and would like to know the optimal settings.

Thanks again for the lovely Fall colors!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comments. And yes, it is recommended that you use a smaller aperture when it comes to landscaping. I just wanted to focus on the near site this time instead and I was surprise that they turn out failry good. When I was learning and experimenting with my first DSLR, and I still do, 'cos I think you are always learning, I shoot at different apertures and speeds just to compare which are the optimal settings for me or for what I was aiming to get. Good luck, have fun and share your photos with us!


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