D600 v's D3x

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Re: D600 v's D3x

Just a different aprouch to the common answers...

Now you have a camera that has endured the test of time.

Unlike cameras before its generation (when passage of time would reveal or amplify its shortcomings), the D3X is a near perfect machine.

The sensor is fine by any standard you might have, resolution, DR, noise wise.

The body itself is second to none, matched only by other D# series cameras.

It's as reliable as it gets (and that's enough for most pros to prefer the D3X over the D800 and D600).

AF? Among the best.

There you have it. A near flawless camera.

Everyone here whines all the time how digital gear drops its value like a rock. Right?

And when you finally see a camera that holds its value, you say it shouldn't?

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