Polarisers on the X100

Started Oct 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Polarisers on the X100

Dibenuto wrote:

Does anyone use polarisers (Circular or linear) on the X100? If so, any recommendations? Is it right to opt for the cheaper (linear)...I've read that the X100 handles them better than DSLRs?

Thank you and regards

I have used one with mixed results.  It's true that linear works just fine (circular polarizers mess up the phase detect autofocus on DSLRs).  The biggest problem I have is determining when the polarizer is turned properly for maximum effect when viewing through the EVF (obviously the OVF won't work at all).  The EVF seems to adust the level as you turn the polarizer making it difficult to evaluate the effect.  Other than that issue, it seems to work just fine.


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