DP2M Eats Batteries For Breakfast!

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Re: DP2M batteries link

SandyF wrote:

careful with the Blue Nook...for the set that I have I give the battery # and SKU. I think Seng (spm) posted too with a photo of the actual batteries showing the battery number which is Wasabi Power BTR-BH125C-JWP (I just checked the battery itself). I recall mine was the $22.95 set.

They list a different set, I recall $19.95 or something which is NOT the battery which fits without modification. One of my Blue Nook batteries fits in the camera more tightly than the other, so there may be a quality control issue on them too, but for car charger, wall charger + 2 batteries... if you can just have ONE battery which is fine, then it's a good deal. Ricoh's are $44.95 EACH; I don't know the Sigma price and/or they've been in short supply. I label my batteries with a DVD marking pen, #1, #2, #3, etc. so I can tell which I'm using... #6... the tight fit... is emergency only LOL.

Best regards, Sandy 
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I also bought 2 sets, one set fit fine the other was tight but after a little shaving they fit fine. both sets were the same 22.95 with charger.

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