Romney up 51 to 45

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Re: Romney up 51 to 45

Bill Force wrote:

I like the numbers but I have say that I don't trust ANY of these political polls, too much personal bias cranked into them  IE:  what part of NYC are you polling, Manhattan or the Bronx?

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' You don't have to have the best of everything to get the best out of what you do have'.

I personally don't trust them either, but it is an easy way to get liberal panties all up in a bunch.

I have generally had a good sense of how an election is going to turn out.  I haven't been wrong.  I wasn't a fan of clinton, but thought he would win. Had no doubt that Bush or Obama would win as well.  I have a good vibe for Romney.  Even here in Michigan I feel a good vibe for Romney.  A lot of support for him.  The polls have BO slightly ahead here in Michigan, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Romney carry Michigan.

I was in Ohio most of the week.  Big vibe for Romney in the places I went.

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