Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

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Re: Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

Lisa O wrote:

5D3 to D700 seems like a downgrade to me. D600 would be the happy medium.

Canon 5D Mark III is a fantastic camera, and for low light video, it's amazing. But here's how I look at it. There are those who are the "jack of all trades;" they are good or decent at lot of things, but not great at one particular thing. Video was the most neglected feature on my Mark III. When I did make use of it, it wasn't up to par. I decided to shift my focus to pure image quality in photography alone for the time being, and Nikon fits the bill. Canon tends to give me more overblown highlights, and the noise handling can tend to soften the images too much at the sacrifice of detail. Some say that canon images can look "plastic" with respect to skin tones, as a result. I've witnessed this myself, even with good L-series lenses.

I have compared thousands of images side-by-side from Canon and Nikon, and most of the time, I'm amazed at what the D700 produces from 12mp. The colors and pleasant film grains are a treat. Yes, I probably could use light room to make my canon images look more like that, but would I want to sit there an post process all day, when I can get it right the first time, directly from the D700.

I know the D600 is no slouch either, but having used it personally, I found the ergonomics, crippling. With the D700, I'm getting the semi-pro body that's comfortable for me with a better autofocus system. Plus, if I can get one of the most respected workhorse camera's for $1600, I can put the rest of the money towards glass, speed lights, etc. The best part, I can sell the body, and keep the glass for the next D700 successor.

I really wish Nikon released a true competitor to the 5D Mark III, but they have not. The D800 is overkill for the most part, and D600 is just not what I'm looking for. The D700 just feels like more value, fewer megapixels, less hassle, takes up less memory, faster post processing, less post processing, less headache. No QC issues, high reliability, budget for better lenses, better image quality, better metering; if I could talk about my wife like this, she'd cry with tears of joy.

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