E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

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Re: E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens? Don't think so ...

Shawn67 wrote:

"You clearly don't know much about this issue. "
When you posted your example shot you said…
"The banding, if there, there would be perfectly visible in a shot like the one I posted….With FW 1.5 I have seen it appear in a few shots but for the most part it appears to be gone."
Yet today you posted the banding is still visible and just as bad as before.
Like I said… the picture you posted isn't very good for showing the banding. I have shots with a higher average luminance and lighter tone (such as your example shot) that don't show the banding. You can try and spin that however you want.
If you wanted to know the conditions of the shots all you have to do is ask.
This shot was with firmware 1.2 in the OMD, 1.1 in the 20mm, 1/10 of a second shutter, f1.7, ISO 6400.

Same night.. 1/4 second, f1.7, ISO 6400.. scene has a higher average luminance and a lighter tone... banding is dramatically reduced compared to the above shot.


In a post earlier today I said:

"As to the impact of FW 1.5, I have now conclusively determined that it hasn't eliminated the problem. The banding is still there, and just as badly as before, in some cases. But there are also instances where it is completely gone even at very high ISOs (as exemplified by the test shots I posted earlier in this thread)."

You tried to create a seeming inconsistency by omitting, when quoting me, everything after the word "before" in the second sentence. As everyone can see, there is actually no such inconsistency.

If you have shots like mine (ISO 6400 with two stops underexposure) that don't show any banding at all, please post them, including complete EXIF data.

And if you do have shots like that, why did you not mention this significant fact at an earlier point in our discussion instead of stating categorically that banding at ISO 6400 was very bad?

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