wifi/iMac connection problem with epson workforce 845

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Re: wifi/iMac connection problem with epson workforce 845

It sounds like you may have used the wizard and PIN-based setup with your previous router, which allows the printer and router to exchange authentication keys at the time you obtain the temporary PIN from the router and type it into the printer.

You should simply need to repeat this process.  Generate a setup PIN from your router, and then repeat the Wi-Fi setup wizard on your WorkForce.

If this does not work, you can configure the Wi-Fi manually.  You will need to select your network's SSID (name) and then select the same authentication type you have configured (for example, WPA) and type in your password.  The printer should "just work."

But, keep in mind its IP address has probably changed.  You are probably using DHCP on your router to assign IPs dynamically to things on your network.  The old router may have kept the printer at the same IP since you bought it.  Now the new router has no knowledge of that, and may be giving it a different IP.  If so, the easiest way to fix it is to re-install the printer driver.

But wait!  Give your printer a static IP address, using your new router, before re-installing your driver software.  That way you can be sure it won't change and force you to fool with it again in the future.  Assigning static DHCP IPs works differently on every router but most make it easy to do.  You need a piece of information, the "MAC address", of your printer.  This is a 48-bit hex string and it looks something like this: 00:11:bb:34:df:e8

You can find your printer's Wi-Fi MAC address in the status screen or on the network status print-out.  It should give you this information even if it does not currently have an IP address, or is not currently working on your Wi-Fi network.

Knowing the MAC address is also helpful for troubleshooting.  Most routers will allow you to view all the MACs that are working correctly on your Wi-Fi network, and have been assigned IP addresses.  If you see the printer's MAC in your router's list, then it should be "working," in that, it is connected to your network.  Whether or not your PC knows what IP address it has, at that point, is still in question.

I hope this is helpful.

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