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Re: File types - a very simple explanation

Photozopia wrote:

If you call the a 'red herring' ... then guilty as charged.

Like many on these fora, you mistakenly believe (or confuse) raw with RAW - evidenced by your disbelief that RAW is no more genuine as JPEG output. As stated, both are .

Most importantly ... unlike JPEG ... individual RAW is not a fixed standard format. Even RAW files from the same manufacturer - but of different eras - are not identical. How do you think camera output (using similar sensor designs) are significantly over the years?

I offered the history lesson merely as digital imaging precedes digital cameras - BUT - all work on the same principles. You now fancy you can significantly alter output from a digital device ...

Raw data - as captured by a sensor - is processed internally by both manufacturer's hardware and it's software algorithms. The design of both systems is dictated wholly by the manufacturer. They process data into a user visible RAW file of a manufacturer's choosing and design.

Unless you fancied untangling multi-coloured 'mush' or reams of basic programming language into recognisable images, someone - somewhere in it's manufacture - has coded raw data into the basic RAW image. In doing so, they specified basic settings of desired image quality - otherwise the data would be wholly unusable and - importantly - you cannot alter it, no how, no way.

Again, a JPEG is merely another set of defined fine-tuned settings from that self same RAW data source ... (unless you believe cameras possess different chips/processing streams internally) ... again wholly based upon someone deciding a set of optimal image settings for that 'finalised' image.

Both OOC RAW and JPEG files are based on manufacturer opinion/settings - both are manufactured and created from exactly the same source. Importantly, cannot alter the original data stream path. So why disbelieve RAW is somehow original, un-touched, inviolate and unique data ... that you can improve upon? No different to JPEG - pre-set parameters (but with a few alterable settings).

Let's call this 'image decision' guy 'Bob Takanara'* of Nikon, or Fuji, or Canon, or Sony .....

You take the RAW images based upon decisions and hand the files over to 'Benny Zimmerman'* of Adobe ACR ... who because of his own algorithms/decisions ... interprets the opened RAW file in a different manner to that of the manufacturer.

Finally, you step in and start messing with the file to your taste ....

Three different decisions, three different file algorithms, three technical/artistic decisions ... none in isolation or even in collusion, but individually, consecutively, accumulative. And you think all of that is better than ONE decision - taken by a skilled manufacturer - performed effortlessly in camera?

Ever heard the joke: Camel - a horse designed by a committee ....

I know my Fuji's produce accurate JPEGs - better than the RAW output it is based upon - output that you even claim is 'accurately' exposed, even when incorrectly exposed by the operator. I think it you my friend who spreads, or has been swayed by other, incorrect, 'red herring' sources!

(*All names fictional)

Maybe You can explain to us the difference between an 8 bit jpg and a 14/16 bit raw file and the implications it has on image quality, like dynamic range, colour, detail etc. especially when tuned in photographic software like LIGHTROOM for instance ( data loss on jpgs ). I have a couple of friends who are professional photographers doing work for sports and nature magazines. I have never seen them using jpgs for anything. But I am always willing to learn something new. Maybe I have been missing something essential in the last 6 years or so when I stopped using jpgs. Regards

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