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Re: Photoshelter shortcomings...

just wanted to post my .02 as this thread even though a bit stale helped bring up some good points for me.

After reading and inspecting all options I chose Photoshelter but now think I'm leaning towards  Zenfolio instead.

The biggest problem for me is Photoshelter does not fully support iPads.  You can view portfolios very reasonably but it's not as elegant as Zenfolio and others I've seen.  You cannot swipe to advance photos and some of the examples on their site are completely handicapped by their use of Flash in galleries.  When you click on some of those flash galleries you get a blank screen.  not cool.  When speaking to customer service they said their focus was on desktops not ipads.

I also found Photoshelter's site editing confusing.  the differences between gallery/portfolio/slideshow/theme and manual customization is oddly differentiated for me.  If you know CSS then it seems more desirable but then if I knew CSS why would I use a Portfolio service(??)

Photoshelter website editing seems more like a mind map graph workflow, rather than a sequential process of building a site like choosing theme, colors, fonts, etc. in a progressive order. frustrating

For reference I'm looking for clean, modern, dark theme with no SEO concerns or social rating features.  Just for clients... "hey look here and check out my work."

I'll update post when I finish whatever service I settle on.


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