Nikon 70-200/f4 VRIII announcement soon....

Started Oct 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Man, some folks must be REALLY used to shooting with crappy glass if the 70-300 is considered "excellent". It sucks ass.

Here's why people buy the Canon version. It's actually slightly sharper than the 70-200 2.8 IS II in some cases. On top of that, Canon has given it a full weather sealing.

The Canon f4 version even gives the 70-200 VRII a good run for it's money and is even better comparing both wide open.

The Canon 70-200 L 2.8 II is clearly better than the 70-200 VRII wide open, especially at 200mm. It also has zero purple fringing and is great from edge to edge at all focal lengths and apertures. Are close to equal only when stopped down.

I would really like to see Nikon put out some more new glass, as they really need to update a few of their designs. It's obvious with some of the newer 1.8 primes and the 14-24, that Nikon can crush the charts with incredible glass.

As a landscape photographer who has to hike for days on end sometimes, a 70-200 2.8 is out of the question and is the main reason I have avoided trying out a D800. You don't have any clue at all to how valuable the F4 IS is until you own one and have to carry it on long camping trips. A lot of folks in Canon gear don't have any fanboy loyalty like some claim in this thread. It's not an excuse to write off Nikon, it's just a necessity. Many Canon landscape shooters would love to move over to a D800 with a viable 70-200 option.

Canon actually sells quite a few of their model, which is in essence a stack of primes at a fraction of the cost and weight.

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