Upgrade path D4s to D70 to ? (D600?)

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Re: Upgrade path D4s to D70 to ? (D600?)

I think there is. I am just going by my own experience with my set of fast lenses and the D800.  I found that even the current line up of 24, 35, 85 1.4g lenses needed to be stopped down to achieve critical sharpness.  The 135 f2 DC which was fantastic on my D700, became pretty much unusable because of severe purple fringing that plagued my images when opened wider than f4.  I ended up spending hours fine tuning all of my lenses trying to make them perform better wide open, and realized I was becoming more of an equipment tester which took much of my joy shooting pictures. Once I realized this, i simplified my kit by selling the D800 and the 24, 35, 135 and picked up an used D3s and MTF kit in exchange, and now I am shooting a lot more and testing nothing.

Like I said before in my initial response, if you tend to pixel peep your images and like to shoot at open apertures, high resolution bodies may turn out to be a frustrating experience.  That said, you may have a completely different experience than me; maybe the 24mp on D600 will be more forgiving on lenses, and you may never feel the need to pixel peep.  I was never one to do so, but I just couldn't help it when using a high resolution body like the D800. However, YMMV

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