Any E-3 / E-5 users also own the E-M5? Opinion needed on EVF

Started Oct 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
agogo Contributing Member • Posts: 579
Depends how and what you shoot....

..and your preferences.

Personally this was a worry for me too - I played with the camera in-store many times before I committed, primarily because I wasn't sure if the EVF would frustrate me after a while. But after a month or so, it's really a non-issue for most things.

As the previous poster mentioned, it can't replace the OVF for certain things - I feel more certain shooting wildlife/birds with the OVF and a heftier camera on my long lenses.

The hardest thing for me to get used to was the size of the camera. I always had the cam strap around my neck scared that I'd fumble and drop it. The grip fixed that problem to a large degree, so I always use one or both grips.

I shot my first corporate event recently and it performed fantastically - using it with a flash bracket and FL50r. I got used to using the tilt LED screen too, to shoot portraits of seated guests (using my thumb to release the shutter button), which saved my back and knees from having to bend continually. It also focuses well in low light.

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