Japan vs China RX100 - which should I buy?

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Re: MIJ available Re: Japan vs China RX100 - which should I buy?

mbv wrote:

Thanks Joel!

Right now BH, Adorama, Sony store, etc. tell the same story over the phone that they have a mix of MIJ and MIC and that there is no way they can guarantee which one they send. In fact I have spotted an MIJ in a local specialized photo store. Thus it looks like the great feeling of paying retail with the local sales tax may dawn upon me.

About 3 weeks ago, I did the same thing, called B&H, Adorama and even the closest Sony store to check on trying to get a MIJ camera.  All told me the same thing, they could not guarantee that I would receive one MIJ.  The Sony store wouldn't even check to see which they had in stock, plus it was about an hour drive away plus having to pay about $50 more in tax.  Took my chance and ordered one from B&H and did receive one MIJ, free shipping and no tax.
Either camera can have problems.  It was 3 days before I realized that I wasn't getting any beeps or clicks on camera sounds.  With the Audio On, the only camera sounds I was getting was the shutter sound and beeps when the timer is used.  No other sounds besides these.  This isn't a big deal to me, however, the clicks when the Control Ring is rotated would have been nice.
As far as IQ, has anyone actually compared both cameras on something like the classic "brick wall" test to see if one is better than the other as far as softness in the corners?

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