Lens of D800 AF issue

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Bruce Bracken
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Re: Don't get worked up about the outer AF points

Robin Casady wrote:

KG2002 wrote:

- Left sensor however is perfect 30% of the time. Like center sensor perfect. 70% is visibly off on AF-S test.

If you want perfect focus don't use the outer AF points. They just aren't of the same quality as the central points. Nikon warned us to use Live View if you want perfect focus. So, don't get too worked up if the outer PDAF points aren't producing tack perfect focus 100% of the time.

Right, if you enjoy paying a lot of money for a bunch of features, with only some of those features being usable, then don't get worked up about it.

On the other hand, if you want what was advertised and what you paid for, either send it back for a replacement, or send it in to Nikon Service for repair.

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