Canon G15 Sample Images + vs RX100

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Re: f stop eq 35mm across the zoom range G15vsRX100

panamforeman wrote:

Not being as "technical" as you guys, I do derive one inescapeable fact from this whole discourse: That the Canon G15 @ $489 on E-Bay, is as good as, or perhaps superior to the RX100 in specific instances @ $648 to $739 on E-Bay!

Why in the name of common sense would I spend more money on a camera that doesn't give me an IQ any better than a camera that cost appox $200 less, excluding brand loyalty of course? (we shouldn't be married to any of 'em)

I understand how fickle & peculiar people are about brands, i.e. Apple vs PC, Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Checy etc.

I admit to being a Canon/Nikon fanboy. Also a Fujifilm/Casio enthusiast; occasionally Olympus. But the bottom line for me is: Cost in $s that produces the best IQ.  In that category the G15 wins hands down. In the meantime I'm checking out the Nikon P7700 too.

But....."the" all time champeen?  In IQ for $s spent? Among P&Ss.......The Canon G1 X!!!! Undeniably the best!

I owned several Canons and still own the very nice Canon S95...but if you are going fir the G15 for a pocket camera it is not...the S110 is though and hopefully it has the same sensor as the G15, this would make a GREAT pocket camera...

G1X hasn't convinced me just yet...still SLOW AF...too large...expensive for a restricted camera...

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