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Re: a very subjective issue

painterdude wrote:

But I have to ask.

I am on the fence between buying a D600 and a D800 coming from a D90. I am a bit concerned about the massive file sizes from the 800 and wonder if I really need 36 mp so the 600 has somewhat more appeal.

HOWEVER ..and here is the point, I am struck by one thing that I may in fact be way wrong in. Is it me or is it the opinion of others as well that D800 shots seem to, on average, appear more ( here we go into subjective land) pleasing. There seems to be  a richness to them that vaults them slightly above anything I have seen from the 600 at least in the postings in here. Am I wrong or do others see this difference?

Just wondering what others have to say on this perceptual deal...and yes ..please hold your nasty fire ye mean ole trolls


I bought one of those 1000x cards with my D800. With a fast card the camera is as fast or perhaps faster than my D700. It's way faster than my Kodak SLR/n. It's also a couple of ounces lighter than the D700, not that you would notice. I work on a late 2008 Macbook Pro with 4 Gig of RAM--no problem. It does take about 30 seconds to fully render an image and 'zoom' into it. But with View NX you can preview all your images pretty quickly. I'm not a volume shooter, so size of files does not impact me that much. The only hardware I upgraded was my external monitor. The D800 at 300dpi gives you a print that's about 16x24. I print on 17x25 sheets, so now I can finally print without having to dip below 300 dpi or use upsampling software. You do not need to use all the complex features of the D800. If you want, just set it to RAW, set your aperture and shutter and put the 400 page manual on the shelf.

Having said all that, D600 is great as well. D800 was just more familiar to me coming from the D700. I have one more thing to say. Buy Thom Hogan's D800 guide. It's 29 bucks. It will tell you more about the D800 than anyone on this forum can. That's really the only way to make an informed decision.

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