Choosing two bodies plus a lot of lenses

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Re: Choosing two bodies plus a lot of lenses

I have a 7D and a 60D along with a 10-22, 15-85, 70-300L and  400L, all Canon. The 7D and the 400L are married and live on a big Manfrotto tripod with a Wimberley Sidekick and Acratech ball head. The 7D is used mainly for birds, the 60D for everything else. I find this combination allows me to photograph most anything (within reason) that I am interested in (birds, critters, landscape, street, flowers, zoo and etc. I have never had an apparent problem with back or front focusing, so I don't worry about MF, and I believe I have read in more than one post that the 60D may not even need it. None of my lenses are F2.8 but I shoot mainly daylight so it does not really matter.

Just my 2 cents worth (which is only worth 1 cent now days).

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