Shooting flying birds and fast subjects.

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Shooting flying birds and fast subjects.

Hello Canon shooters, I shoot Nikon, but! I'm trying to shoot flying birds and my rig is just too slow, I can't quite get what I want.

Now you may be saying what am I shooting? okay, my zoo and flying bird rig is a D200, and a old 300 f4 AF, not the AFS. My understanding is the AFS, is no lightning either.

Now what I'm looking at would be a used canon set-up. I cannot afford to go to a 300 2.8, or any lens of that type, I feel my D200 is up to the task, I just can't find a Nikon lens that will get the job done, to satisfy me, and then there is the 3rd party lenses, but I'm not to familiar with them.

My Canon list or set-up would be a 400 5.6, or a 300 f4IS, and maybe a 1.4 TC, I'm currently using a Kenko 1.4 pro TC, on my Nikon set up but its even slower.

Please I'm not trying to set a troll, here I have been shooting Nikons for 25 years, and have had some experience with canon equipment and its good, but you can tell I cannot afford to switch brands now.

I feel a good used Canon rig could really help.

Nikon 80 400 its also to slow for flying birds. And I have thought about a used body, I feel I could set a price limit of $2000.00 US, and thats it! for a Camera and lens, used of course.

I've read on 1Dmk2n, and I liked reading what it had to offer, I don't need a "ka-zillion" mgpixels, and I would not be making wall size prints.

My photo buddy shoots Canon, thats where I became familiar with the equipment, he shot a 40D before going to a 7D and I thought that 40D did a really nice job, good shutter speed and I think it was 10 or 12 mgpixels?

If someone would like to "chime in" on a fair  Canon system,and priced so I can justify. I could give thought too, I have no plans on selling any of my Nikon set up, but I'd like to do flying birds, mostly hand held although I would use my tripod.

Using my current set-up I get less than a 50% "keeper" rate, and I'm pretty hard to please but not a hard as#.

I have read that Arthur Morris, says the 400 5.6, is the best "hand held rig available" so I'd like to hear "what your thoughts" are or am I crazy.

I have a flickr site under palmerb16, if you care to look at what I have been doing the last several years.

I volunteer my photos to our local zoo, to use as they wish, for whatever publications they use.

Thanks for your patience, and look forward to some advice,and encouragement.


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