So what is your "White Whale" ??

Started Oct 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
kiwicrispin Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: My *Current* white whales...

I moved to NZ from the UK this year, and decided to get a NEX-7 to take better pictures of all the new places vistas, and wildlife i'm seeing.  I'm a total amateur, but I'm reading and learning more all the time...I tend to get excited when I take a photo of anything really that, when I sit and really look at it,  "feels" like a "good" photograph, that conveys something to me thats more than what I would call a might only be one in 50 or 100 photos I do that, but when I do - it feels like I shot a white whale landscape shot, or a white whale astrophotography shot, if that makes sense, it feels like i'm achieving what I set out to do....

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