Ok going to Canon from Nikon, now 5dII or 5dIII

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Re: Ok going to Canon from Nikon, now 5dII or 5dIII

D700man wrote:

EmmanuelStarchild wrote:

I'm assuming you currently own the D700? Why not just stay with Nikon and get the D800? It's comparable to the 5DIII and costs less, plus you will still have your complement of full frame Nikon lenses. Seems to me like a big hassle to make such a switch when both systems are great.

I know, I know, that does seem the most sensible thing to do but I've compared both systems myself and prefer Canon output.  Nikon is a great system and has a lot going for it, especially on paper but in the end I lean toward Canon.  I wish I didn't to be honest.

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You prefer Canon 5d2 / 3 "output" to the D800/E output??? You completely lost me there. I can only say, good luck!

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