OM-D Fatal Sensor Clicking Workaround

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Re: OM-D Fatal Sensor Clicking Workaround, mine too

William Russell wrote:

Received the black EM-5 with 12-50 and grip yesterday. I have large hands and it feels great to hold and build quality feels fantastic ...but I charged the battery till full. (apx. 2.5 hrs) Inserted battery, turned on and the viewfinder operated for 1 to 2 seconds and then went dead. Couldn't, get anything to display on the LCD or even take a photo. Turned off reinserted battery and same thing. Replaced the battery back in charger again to make sure it was fully charged. No go! Called Olympus and they were so great! Honestly! I was in the appliance repair business for 42 years and know there can be issues with a new product. It is on its way back to them while they look for another replacement. I never even got to take one picture. Never got to even click the shutter once. This morning I decided to update the firmware to see if that would help and absolutely the same thing, although the update went fine. (Done this before with my 2 E5s) What I found I would turn it on as I already said and the EVF came to life for 1 or 2 seconds and then shut down and then around 15 seconds later I heard a dull click in the camera, then dead. I put my ear to the camera body and absolutely dead. For a test I installed my 12-60 with the MMF3 adapter just in case it was a communication problem between the 12-50 and the camera body but the same thing. I could be wrong but since the firmware update went fine and even showed the OK at the end of the update and then again when trying it had the same click and then total silence I am tending to think it may be a hardware issue. Disappointed-a little but Olympus service I have had in the past and now am finding is first class and I will allow them to work through this problem. Thankful I have 2 E5 to use for a wedding tomorrow and thank you Olympus for your concern and attention to my problem!

This is what happened with my first one except it happened after a few hours of use. When the wait is over and you have a working one in hand you will be in honeymoon mode for a long time.

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