Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

Started Oct 17, 2012 | Questions thread
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philosomatographer wrote:

Butchy wrote:

This kind of statement doesn't do any good and is misleading in fact.

Care to prove it? I'll humbly withdraw my claims if you can refer me to an example with finer corner detail at f/5.6. You will note that I backed my original statements up with a factual example - at this stage, the only statement that might be "misleading" is yours.

At least be more specific?

...will be hard to come by.  First of all, we have to take a pic of the same scene where the whole of the scene is within the DOF.  Secondly, the DOF of f/5.6 on 4/3 is the same as f/11 on FF, so unless the scene has very narrow depth and the 14-24 / 2.8 performs bettter at f/5.6 than at f/11, there's no reason to compare the two at f/5.6.

Lastly, we need to compare at the same output size.  A useful way to do this would be to upsample the photos to the same common pixel count (downsampling to a common pixel count only removes resolution from the system that resolves more detail).

So, for sure, I'd be interested in such a comparison, but it requires a competent photographer with both cameras.

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