Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

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Re: Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

As sensors get smaller UWA become excessively difficult to design and build, the Zuiko 7-14/4 is a triumph on a number of fronts, its robust construction making it suitable for professional use, its weather sealing which is still quite rare in UWA, and its ability to shoot wide open. Going back just a few decades ago lenses in the area of 10mm were extremely rare, zooms in the same range impossible to find

In my own trade APSC users found the Sigma 10-22 to be the better of their own marques lenses, but most users of this lens shoot it at f/8, leaving 2 stops difference between the two lenses which gives a Zuiko user a higher margin of safety for exposure.

This is important b/se interior shooting is contained by 2 facets, the shutter/flash sync speed to trap light coming through windows with the intention of holding some detail outside, and the slowness you can drag the shutter with IS. I commonly shoot down to 1/10th sec for ambient light across interior spaces, saving the need to setup flash in adjoining rooms. Add to that the industry is for the mostpart geared to 4x3 display frames, and in satisfying this your 16mm gets some of the edge trimmed off it.

By no means a lightweight of a lens, by the time you glue a system together with several lenses and flash system it isnt unreasonably weight/cost efficient if you play your options which you most surely can. Of course if you cannot afford a 7-14 the 9-18 is cheap and cheerful, its just the the 7-14 allows you to step without encountering stepping up.

added example with no particular meaning, built in softening by DPR

E5 1/40th sec, ISO200, 7-14/4 @f/4.5 7mm, FL50r TTL -1/3


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