Ryan Brenizer Method - shoot with an effective f/0.4 lens!

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Re: Ryan Brenizer Method - shoot with an effective f/0.4 lens!

There are very limited uses for f/0.4; BUT, if you use this method, say at f2.2 on an 85 1.4, you end up with an incredibly sharp image and shallow DOF. At 1.4 every lens struggles with contrast and sharpness, but using a relatively simple 10 shot pano at f/2.2 - f/2.8; you end up keeping the razor thin DOF AND the sharpness/contrast. So whether you find it gimmicky or not, it definitely has its benefits.

This was around before Mr. Brenizer, and was known as a "Bokeh panorama", but he certainly popularized it with his rather talented application of it and freely showing tutorials on how to do it. Helps that computing and photoshop are getting fast enough to do this on a relatively common PC. Imagine a photomerge with 36 shots in 2005....you'd still be waiting for it to finish! (oh wait...was there even a photomerge function back then?)

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