Wow new Nex7 Firmware !!!!!

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Nex 7 update doesn't fix anything important

When you are in manual focus mode, spot AF mode, and AF/MF button is set to hold, there is still no way for you to know the center of the screen focus point until you press the Af/MF button. After you press the AF/MF button, the little square shows up but at that time it's too late because it's already focusing on wherever you try to estimate the center of the screen is. Not very precise or well thought out considering this is a semi-professional camera.

Ideally, there should be a little circle in the center of the screen when in spot-af mode just as there is a little circle in the center of the screen when you are in spot metering mode. I currently solve this problem by putting on diagnal/grid display which is not ideal because the grid clutters the screen.

Another issue is that you cannot have the histogram and Level displayed at the same time.

Bummer. The NEX 7 update didn't fix anything for me.. Makes you wonder who they were listening to!

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