The Olympus 75mm, tell me why I "need" it.

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No Need...


I appreciate all the input, let me clarify a few things.  Yes, I can afford the lens and the money's not burning a hole in my pocket, I have all the necessary accessory equipment I'll ever require, and, of course I don't desperately need it as it isn't a life threatening decision.  I do have experience shooting all focal lengths as I've been making my living from photography for many many years, so I do know the attributes of the various focal lengths. I have two OM-D's so switching back and forth won't be an issue.  One of the main reasons I made the switch to the OM-D was the portability it provides me over the much larger kit I've been hauling around for way too long, my back and I aren't getting any younger...;)  I have kept my four thirds SHG lenses for any situation that I figure might require such a lens, I still have an E-1 and an E-5, but after using the OM-D for the last several months, have no great desire to haul the larger and much heavier equipment around.  
I do appreciate sharp, high quality, fast glass, thus my keen interest in this lens.  So maybe I shouldn't have used the word "need", might I request then, that any of you with knowledge and experience with the 75 f1.8 give me some feedback based on your recent ownership of this, apparently, excellent piece of glass.
Thank you,
Lorne Miller

if you have lots of HG and SHG 4/3 glass then clearly you don't need this lens-you need an adapter.   Why is it so important to you that we justify an impulse purchases?      Tedoloph

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