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Tedolf is wrong - with example

tedolf wrote:

Nick G H wrote:

First, that image has been manipulated. If you put your camera on a tripod and expose for however-many minutes, the Milky Way would not appear reflected in the water.

Also, this photo is strange because it seems to have been taken on a kayak. There is no way to take good astropics while on water, so I believe the kayak was also added to the picture after the fact.

I did a quick search for m/43 astrophotography and found this: That is a more accurate representation of the results you would get. You can make your setup more sophisticated with a telescope motor that tracks the rotation of the Earth. This allows for longer exposures without any star trails or blur.

And for the record, it is astrophotography. The term literally means "star writing" and if there is a star or planet in the picture (it doesn't even have do be during the night), then it is astrophotography. Technically, every daylight picture you take is an astrophotograph because the light comes from a star, the sun.

I don't agree.  I think with ISO 800 you could get that shot with a 30 second exposure.  You wouldn't see any tracks with that exposure and a wide angle lens.   Just put the nose of the inflatable kyak sticking out in front of  the tripod.  Tedolph

You don't agree, but you're wrong. Have you tried it? I have, with an EPL1, EPL3, and EM5. Nick G is correct about the more accurate example of what can be achieved.

First off, with ISO 1600 on an EPL1 this gives too much noise for astral shots, however 1600 is usable with the EM5.

Secondly, the photo in question has been produced in Photoshop, right click and look at the details.

Here's an example of exactly why that shot is impossible... I tried the same thing.. the water would never be still enough to give a mirrored reflection for 30 seconds

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